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Mobile solutions for critical event procedures

NatWest Group plc, is a majority state-owned British banking and insurance holding company, based in Edinburgh, Scotland

"The app enables rapid communication between relevant stakeholders as well as replacing a cumbersome paper-based process"

Neil Galloway  

Mobile Solutions Designer, NatWest Group

Mobile isn't a channel, it is an imperative

The NatWest Group's go-to resource, The Red Book, covers critical event procedures and has until now been a paper-based document, outlining the steps to take should a critical event such as a fire, robbery or terrorist attack unfold within NatWest Group properties. NatWest Group needed a solution that would enable the process to be faster, easier to use, provide a solid audit trail, and be accessible to those on-site, as well as those remote to the site.

Agile managed teams, mobile experts

Waracle delivered a quick turnaround, building and delivering a native iOS app which works with both employee-owned and NatWest Group supplied devices to deliver a quick and easily accessible point of reference for employees and increased efficiency, both during and after any critical event.

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