Privacy Policy

Waracle collects some personal data from its users.


Welcome to Waracle’s privacy policy. Waracle has worked in the digital products arena since the very beginning of mobile application development. Waracle are now the UK’s leading mobile app, IoT and emerging technology company and we take data protection and your privacy very seriously! This privacy policy is built on the guidelines suggested by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) which can be found here:

It is our goal to make this privacy notice easy to follow, easy to read and easy to validate. We seek to act transparently in all our compliance activities.

Waracle point of contact

Data Protection Officer
Waracle Limited
The Engine Room
1 Bash Street

t. 01382 529 528
e. [email protected]

The Data We Collect from this Website

This depends how you engage with us. If you merely come and have a look, we collect no other data than that provided through our use of cookies…

Read More About Our Cookie Policy

…and through our use of Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics strictly in accordance with Google’s terms and conditions which means the data is anonymous. In other words, you cannot be identified or profiled through this data.

Read more about our Google Analytics policy.
Read more about Google’s Terms and Conditions for Google Analytics.

However, if you contact us through our contact forms, we collect, with your consent, the following personal data:

Recruitment forms:

Your basic contact details
Salary expectations
Your CV (as file upload)
Anything else you tell us at the point of application.
Your journey through the Waracle website.

All other contact forms:

Some basic company Details
Your email address
A summary of your intended project.
Your journey through the Waracle website.

Why we collect this data and our legal basis for collecting it

Cookies and Analytics are collected to enhance your user experience and to provide us with data about how our website is being used. You can read more about our cookie and analytics policies by following the links in the section above.

We collect contact details from the contact enquiry form in order to pursue business opportunities. The legal basis for processing this data is CONSENT as defined by the UK DPA 2018, which is obtained during the completion of the enquiry form.

Read more about what the ICO has to say about CONSENT as a legal basis.

Our recruitment team collects contact & CV details from the recruitment enquiry form (including your CV if you upload it) for the purpose of finding employees. The legal basis for processing this data is CONSENT as described immediately above, and which is obtained during the completion of the recruitment enquiry form.

Who we share this data with

Aside from the secure sub-processors listed below, we don’t share your personal data with anyone unless you have given us your unequivocal consent to do so.

The data you consent to provide us with through our contact and recruitment forms is treated with the utmost confidentiality and security.

We say this with confidence for two reasons.

1) we only share data externally if there is a very specific purpose and the person whose data it is has given Waracle their unequivocal consent for this to happen. This is unlikely to happen, except in the process of recruitment and for external clients, and even then further safeguards are applied as detailed a little further down the page.

2) the sub-processors (commonly referred to as applications or “apps”) we use to store and manage personal data are all vetted for data protection compliance. This includes the use of secure (encrypted) storage and processing facilities, which are only accessible to the account holder – that would be us, Waracle.

In very simple terms, if we store an item of data securely on any platform we use (such as Google) then only we can see it – nobody else can, including the nice people at Google.

The sub-processors we use for recruitment and contact enquiries are:

Sales Force

We conduct due diligence on all our sub-processors and ensure they are all fully compliant with all UK & EU Data Protection Legislation (commonly referred to as “GDPR”).

Read the Sales Force Privacy Policy and Data Protection Compliance

Read the Recruitee Privacy Policy

Read the Mailchimp Privacy Policy

Read the Hubspot Privacy Policy

In the case of recruitment, if we progress your application and forward your details to one of our partners or clients (the partner or client organisation you are likely to be working with) your CV would be anonymised first. We do this not only to comply with data protection regulations, but also to protect our commercial interest.

How long we retain this data

We retain sales contact data indefinitely, but we only retain recruitment data and CVs for 12 months. We may contact existing applicants after 12 months to refresh their consent, if we believe an employment opportunity is likely.

It’s your data – these are your rights.

There is no better place to study your rights in respect to your personal data than the ICO’s website. Here’s the link:

Should you need to contact us in respect to your personal data rights, you can write, phone, or email us using the contact details at the top of this page.

Further Information

This privacy notice covers the collection of personal data through our website and day to day online marketing activities. Where prospective client, or prospective employee contact proceeds to formally contracted engagement, both parties will necessarily undertake mutual due diligence, covering all aspects of UK regulatory and legislative compliance, including, but not limited to, all aspects of data protection legislation.

For the purposes of due diligence and compliance, Waracle has a full compliance team, led by a senior manager with Board level access.

The compliance team can be contacted using the contact details at the top of this page.