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Transforming diabetic foot care

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The Opportunity

Transforming patient outcomes by revolutionising diabetic foot care

Of the 4.5 million people living with diabetes in the UK, an estimated 10% will develop Diabetic Foot Disease (DFD) at some point. DFD is a devastating condition with high rates of amputation and a five-year mortality rate that’s worse than many types of common cancers.

Despite various national and international guidelines, managing this killer disease remains variable and inefficient across the country, costing the NHS over £1 billion annually.

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The Solution

Streamlining the clinical assessment process

To address this challenge, leading experts from Imperial College London collaborated with technologists, designers and strategists from Waracle to develop Smrtflo, a web-based tool to aid clinicians and patients in tracking the progress of their diabetic foot health.

The platform allows clinicians to seamlessly collect a wide range of quantitative and qualitative data inputs, including integrations from external devices, to produce a robust, easily accessible dataset with collaborative capabilities and built-in insights for clinicians.

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The Impact

The vision for Smrtflo is to enable clinicians to consistently, repeatably collect and integrate a broad range of quantitative and qualitative data from external devices to produce a robust, easily accessible report with built-in clinical insights.

At a time when foot ulcers and amputations account for around £1 in every £150 that the NHS spends each year, Smrtflo is a vital piece of the puzzle in improving patient outcomes while driving down the cost of care.


potential to reduce DFD amputations


potential to reduce cardiovascular deaths


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Client Testimonial

"Throughout the project the Waracle team were flexible and understanding of the challenges faced by our early-stage venture, which was crucial to project success. They delivered a fully functioning prototype on time and were able to overcome some important technical challenges. We look forward to continuing our work together. "

Pasha Normahani, Clinical Entrepreneur

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