LifeArc × Waracle

Supporting researchers attempts to revolutionise TB treatment

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The opportunity

Make researchers lives simpler & easier

LifeArc is a life science medical research charity that provides intellectual property identification, protection and commercialisation, alongside technology development, diagnostic development, and early stage drug discovery for the academia, biotechnology and pharmaceutical organisations.

To accurately understand a disease like tuberculosis, LifeArc needed researchers in the field measuring, validating and entering key datasets to understand the intricacies of lived experience for patients living with TB.

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The solution

Collaborating to deliver a centralised, unified data platform

LifeArc needed a partner to help design and build an innovative, modern and secure web solution that would allow researchers in the field access to a centralised data storage platform.

The development of a platform would shift field research data from being stored on local devices and centralised servers into a unified environment from which data visualisation and initial insights could be generated.

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Client Image

The impact

In collaboration, we realised the ambition to make the lives of people researching in remote locations unified & secure. Alongside driving change for scientists habituated in the research & development environment with well executed user experience design make their engagement with the digital platforms simpler and easier.

Client Testimonial

"Waracle were respectful and conscientious collaborators that helped us accelerate delivery. "

Senior Project Stakeholder - LifeArc


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