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Helping customers plan for their future

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The Opportunity

Helping customers plan for their future

Founded in 1861, Royal London is the UK's largest pensions company. With a customer base of over 5 million, Royal London wanted a digital solution that empowers customers to take greater control of their pension accounts, a bespoke branded experience that not only integrates account details but provides full transparency on investments to help their customers plan for their future.

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The Solution

Empowering customers to take full control of their investments

Royal London wanted to help customers understand their savings and encourage a sense of personal ownership while emphasising the importance of financial advice. Our teams knew from experience that pensions UX left a lot to be desired, so we collaborated with the team to create a modern and future-facing UI.

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The Impact

The bespoke app has put pension management directly into the hands of its own customers. It features a bespoke and customisable branded interface, an easy and efficient point of contact for customers, a simple way for customers to view pension contributions and growth Informed advice to influence spending and saving patterns. Predictive analysis also allows a greater understanding of pension changes for customers.

Client Testimonial

"We picked Waracle because they were a good fit for our culture, we liked the idea of working with a partner who would really go the extra mile for us. Waracle work in an agile way and we knew they’d be quicker than we are. They were very patient and flexible enough to ensure that we weren’t spending too much, too far ahead of time."

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