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Ensuring the safe prescription of Opioids

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The opportunity

Empowering clinicians with calculators that validate their decisions

SPOT stands for the Safer Prescription of Opioids Tool (SPOT). SPOT's founder Dr. Roger Flint worked with Waracle to support medical professionals making complex, high-risk, clinical decisions when prescribing Opioids. In England alone, over 25 million opioid painkillers were prescribed in 2019.

Routinely used by the NHS for pain, Opioids are incredibly effective but even a slight dosage miscalculation can cause harm or even death.

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The solution

Portable validation tooling to ensure safe prescription of opioids

SPOT partnered with Waracle to create a mobile app that would remove or reduce the margin for error to make Opioids prescription decisions safer.

A bespoke database and algorithm supported the calculations of doses. Parameters were set to trigger alarms with unsafe doses, and a shared backend allows practitioners to easily log into their individual account from any connected device.

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The impact

Fewer patients were accidentally prescribed incorrect treatment dosages, with clinicians describing the solution as beneficial to their medical practice and patient safety.

The introduction of SPOT has resulted in clear reductions in prescribing errors, it has freed up valuable time, and gave end-users more confidence in their ability to safely prescribe opioids on-the-go.


of surveyed clinicians found it beneficial to their medical practice

Client Testimonial

"It was fantastic to work with a dedicated and driven team at Waracle. They took ownership of the development, including running an excellent stakeholder workshop, building SPOT, and undertaking the necessary quality management work for such an important medical device app."

Dr Roger Flint, Founder of SPOT, Physician, Harvard HealthTech Fellow

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