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Empowering the customer call centre with digital solutions

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The opportunity

To reimagine how customer service advisors serve the public

Call Centres are notoriously complex environments, where customer service advisors have to balance the needs of customers and the business in 1-2-1 phone calls which in many cases lead to frustration. ScottishPower believed their customers and staff deserved better, so enlisted Waracle to turn their Digital Transformation call centre aspirations into a reality.

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The solutions

A value driven CSA web toolkit for support, service & cross-sell

Waracle's experts rapidly analysed the current CSA support solution, sought feedback from users and considered how modern technologies could integrate into older legacy systems. By identifying bottlenecks, streamlining processes, and enhancing the value of each interaction, the solution provided value to hardworking CSAs on the frontline.

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The impact

We helped give CSAs access to real time call scripts, which supported call efficiency data and a direct uplift on targeted deal sales. This in turn helped staff retention as CSAs felt supported and empowered, and also helped shift the dial on customer satisfaction.


Uplift in sales of targeted deals


Reduction in staff attrition

Client Testimonial

"Waracle have become an integral part of both our team and business. Complementing our in-house skills and bolstering our engineering and product power by adapting to become part of our squads."

Head of Digital, ScottishPower


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