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The opportunity

To define the next generation of retail banking touchpoints

Clydesdale Bank Yorkshire Group (now Virgin Money) had a clear vision for empowering customers by becoming a mobile-first bank, driving personal banking engagement with a variety of digital features, functionality and toolkits.

This culminated in the idea of the new CYBG ‘B’ account, which was targeted at millennials and gen Z to drive acquisition of retail banking customers in younger demographic groups.

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The solution

Redefine mobile-first banking innovation

In collaboration with the bank, Waracle delivered the B account proposition to market, which saw CYBG empower people with spending segmentation, trends data alongside all of the features that you have come to expect from modern, digital-first banks over the last 5 years. Delivered to market whilst Monzo and Starling were just in their infancy.

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The impact

In collaboration with internal teams, Waracle was able to deliver a high quality set of native mobile applications that created a new paradigm for what customers could expect from the bank in terms of digital experience.

Many of the integrations, features, functionality and experiences, can now be found in the Virgin Money mobile banking applications on both iOS & Android.

Client Testimonial

"Waracle were responsive and flexible experts that helped our teams deliver in collaboration. They do exactly what they say they're going to do"

Senior Stakeholder, Virgin Money


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