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Accelerating tuberculosis diagnosis

LifeArc, formerly known as the Medical Research Council Technology is a British life science medical research charity

Rapid innovation demands A-teams

LifeArc drives medical innovation through research and working with a range of partners from industry, charities, universities, research organisations and others involved in improving lives for patients. The company has a 25-year legacy of collaborating with scientists on diagnostics and therapies, enhancing and protecting innovation and advancing promising research. LifeArc engaged Waracle to develop a high performance digital product designed to enhance the speed and efficiency at which Tuberculosis could be diagnosed in third-world countries.

Evaluate, sketch, prototype... and validate

Using Google Data Studio, Waracle connected LifeArc Google Analytics to custom dashboards, enabling key stakeholders to monitor usage and user behaviours in order to continuously refine and optimise the performance of the software. These reports were crucial in terms of providing a real-time, fully interactive viewpoint, that enabled the LifeArc team to interrogate data sets and compare them against historical performance, further increasing their ability to fulfil their mission of accelerated Tuberculosis diagnosis.

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