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Diagnostics field data unified and visualised.

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Waracle Facilitated:

Simplified data input.

When recording field data on subjects in far-flung regions of the world, many researchers will store data locally, then sync data with a network location at a later date. LifeArc wanted to make the data input uniform, central and available wherever research was taking place.

Waracle Developed:

A web platform that unified data storage, access and security.

In collaboration, Waracle and LifeArc deployed a secure web platform that not only provided a central point of data input but linked it to central data storage, which meant that access rights and security to be set at the global and local levels.

Waracle Enabled:

Exceptional reporting and visualisations.

With all of the data in one place and uniformly stored, Waracle’s job was to take LifeArc’s stakeholder recommendations and create reports, dashboards and visualisations that support the research endeavor.

Capabilities Deployed:

Research - Design - Scrum - Web Development - Testing

"LifeArc are a key partner for Waracle. A company that holds many of the same values and beliefs about the transformational potential of technology for the two biggest areas of life... our health and our wealth."

Sharon Dickie, Chief Commercial Officer, Waracle.

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