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Transforming chronic disease monitoring.

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Waracle Facilitated:

Streamlining the clinical assessment process.

The current workflow for managing patients with Diabetic Foot Disease (DFD) faces multiple challenges that make it inefficient at delivering consistent quality care. Waracle partnered with ICL to build an innovative solution to tackle those challenges with the Smrtflo platform.

Waracle Developed:

A platform that revolutionises chronic disease monitoring

Smrtflo is designed to replace current practices which often result in delayed diagnosis and treatment. The innovative platform produces a robust, easily accessible dataset with collaborative capabilities and built-in insights for clinicians.

Waracle Enabled:

The potential to reduce DFD amputations by 21%

DFD is a devastating condition to which a leg is lost around the world every 30 seconds. By reconceptualising the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring process, the Smrtflo platform enables clinicians to deliver better patient care and avoid more worst-case scenarios.

Capabilities Deployed:

UI Design - UX Design - Scrum - QA - React - Node

"Delighted to partner with Imperial College London to deliver an innovative digital enablement platform that transforms the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot diseaseā€

David Romilly, Chief Revenue Officer, Waracle

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