A tech empowered at-home workout.

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Waracle Facilitated:

Bluetooth connected stationery bike.

When you are powering through a workout, you don’t always necessarily stop to think how your power output, velocity, calorie counter etc. all work… but we know because we collaborated with Apex Rides to create a bluetooth connected bike and companion software.

Waracle Developed:

A companion application that performs.

Apps that provide a service need to understand the wants of the end point user. And when it comes to working out, you need a selection of instructors, music genres, workout types etc. to galvanise your customer to get up off-the-couch and into the cleats.

Waracle Enabled:

Performance based connected experiences.

At home health has been a vital component of wellbeing and health empowerment in our post-pandemic reality. We are proud to have played a part in bringing energy, enthusiasm and sweat to living rooms and bedrooms across the UK.

Capabilities Deployed:

Research - Design - Scrum Masters - App Development - Testing - QA

"Apex was such a joy of a project to work on. Being part of the software product from definition through to realisation and iteration, is where Waracle really excel."

Sharon Dickie, Chief Commercial Officer, Waracle.

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