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We are used to habitually checking in on our financial wellbeing on our digital devices, so why would our health be any different? We are passionate about bringing gamified, engaging, digital interfaces to the forefront of digital health.

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The wellness industry is predicted to reach a trillion-dollar scale quickly, going digital “in a decade measured in days”. Being such a personal industry, it should be no surprise that much of the technology is built around mobile devices that, with the right experience and permissions, can track, encourage, inform and learn about their users.

From general health to sleep, fitness and early detection of patterns, those devices and apps can be vital tools for general wellbeing, keeping people healthy in the short term and reducing the burden on healthcare providers over time.

Waracle’s health team has spent a lot of time working on these advances in recent years and would love to apply some of that experience and thinking to your problem space.

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The growth of digital diagnostics is revolutionising healthcare, enabling early detection through mobile apps and devices and improving primary care and hospital technology. Patients now have more access to medical information and self-diagnostic tools, while healthcare providers can use advanced technology to make more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

The integration of digital diagnostics has streamlined the healthcare process and improved patient outcomes whilst allowing a wider and earlier distribution of source data which should ultimately bring earlier, quicker, more affordable resolutions to previously-serious illnesses.

The team at Waracle has taken a keen interest in this space over the past few years and has gained many insights into the possibilities of digital diagnostics that improve lives.

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The rapid increase in chronic diseases around the globe is causing a heavy burden. Unfortunately, these irreversible conditions require lifelong medication and lifestyle changes. Many patients face difficulty sticking to prescribed medications and making the necessary behavioural changes. Healthcare providers also have limited ability to monitor patient adherence to treatment plans.

As a result, the overall disease burden is higher than it could be with better patient compliance. But this creates opportunity, too, with a vast increase in related funding over the past few years, both in digital support of pharmaceutical therapy and even more so in mental health.

Waracle has been working in this field for many years and brings deep experience to the table in tracking, adherence, real-time data gathering and analysis. Our teams can transform outcomes from the ideation stage through to improving existing delivery.

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Healthcare Industry

Digital solutions in the hospital and primary care industry are transforming healthcare delivery. They offer efficiency, empowering patients and healthcare providers with access to critical information and tools. Digital transformation has streamlined processes, improved patient outcomes, and increased access to care. With the growth of digital solutions, healthcare is becoming more patient-centred, data-driven, and effective.

Waracle’s twin background in financial services and healthcare offers a unique set of examples and experiences to these highly-regulated industries - whether it stems from the underlying processes and systems that keep healthcare moving, to providing empathetic solutions to information gathering, service design and patient information.

We would be excited to join you for a workshop looking at existing or desired processes and applying that experience to the outcomes you need.


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