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Driving Patient Benefits with Mobile & Emerging Tech Research, Design & Development.

Patient Engagement

Digital is increasingly playing a fundamental role in patient engagement.

Whether it is in relation to clinical trials, medication adherence, remote monitoring or symptom logging, we have worked with public and private companies who are looking to redefine what the future of engagement looks like.

  • Content strategy for health information
  • Secure data accrual, storage and sharing
  • Onboarding & management of trial participants


Digital therapeutics is a rapidly growing sub-segment of digital health.

We focus on collaborating to design & build digital toolkits that healthcare professionals will prescribe to help patients. Helping scale access to services and democratise access, by refining and supporting existing processes.

  • User & healthcare professional research
  • Innovative digital product design
  • Secure native application development


Intelligent digital healthcare solutions designed to help improve patient outcomes.

Data is the lifeblood of life sciences research. We work with our partners to deliver improved data-led decision-making toolkits that enable patient insights to be leveraged to support the treatment of individuals, as just that... Individuals.

  • Unified data accrual and storage
  • Digital research platforms
  • Life sciences applications

Connected Health

The internet of things has made us accustomed to even the most trivial items communicating with our devices.

In health, this can shift a clinician's touchpoint from a point in time review of a respiratory disorder through to a near real-time reflection of how a patient is breathing right now. Connected health is changing the digital health landscape.

  • Best in class data security
  • Connected mHealth apps
  • Connectivity support


Digital toolkits are empowering people to take control of their health well before they become a patient.

Our talented technologists have worked with a range of digital wellbeing providers from employee solutions to at-home workout apps, through to mental health platforms and wellbeing life companion apps.

  • User research & analytics
  • UX & UI product design
  • Mobile app & web platform development


Software-as-a-medical device is considered to be any software intended to be used for medical purposes.

Our software products, whether delivered on mobile, web or emerging tech devices, can be considered SaaMD if they are intended to transfer data, store data and/or display medical device data. We understand this sub-segment in detail and can advise your organisation.

  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
  • Quality management systems

Digital Health Articles & Insights

Our talented research team love understanding the depth of innovation in the healthcare industry, whether it is changing patient behaviours, new market entrants, the impact of mobile technologies or how healthcare is adapting to the post-COVID landscape, we have a passion for delivering informative, conversational content about the impact of Digital Health for the wider healthcare industry.

Our passion for digital health solutions is also showcased in our innovative case studies.

Our Insights focus on:

  • Patient behaviours & motivations
  • The impact of cloud IT infrastructure
  • Connected devices
  • Applications, platforms and solutions
  • Innovative start-ups and POCs
  • Healthcares digital change agendas
  • Environment, social and governance agendas

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