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Riding the revolt against ‘regular’, our goal for your digital project is to effect an experience that’s both helpful, and has heart – we’d rather turn away business than deliver so-so. Waracle turn indifferent to infatuated by designing engaging user experiences that are driven by audacious, creative and rooted in the organisational strategy that’s needed to launch a solution your users are hungry for.

From Ordinary to Outstanding

Functional but decidedly unfriendly isn’t going to cut it. What will is a great user experience which flows harmoniously from acquisition right through to the first time using your app – and it doesn’t ‘just happen’. Harmony is the fruit of the meeting of many elements – from brand guidelines to research, expertise to goals, user expectations, requirements and customs to technology fit. All the fundamentals that breathe life into your big idea and create an outstanding digital experience.

From Ordinary to Outstanding


Key User Journey Identification

If you don’t know the who and why, you’ll never be able to answer the how and what. In our experience, the essence of exceptional digital execution is not just an emphasis on user experience, but an obsession with it. We’ll help you map the journey of your user from the get go to the get off - and back again - so you deliver the optimum user experience that seamlessly connects your business to their needs.

Identifying Customer Pain Points

The difference between ordinary and outstanding when it comes to digital? People want to engage with extraordinary - and that means making the whole experience pain-free. Here, no-pain-no-gain doesn’t apply, so we’ll help you identify where your users are feeling it, so you can make them feel all better again - and hit the competition where it hurts.

Co-Design Feature Generation

It’s time to roll up your sleeves. Armed with an in-depth understanding of your users and their pain-points, we’ll immerse ourselves in the ‘what-ifs’, re-imagining and reinventing the optimum experience using proven workshop techniques, and kicking ordinary to the kerb. The result? A marked and measurable definition of different.

Feature Prioritisation & Customer Value

So many ideas, so many moons to shoot for. But buckets full of ideas do not a happy customer make. Supported by Customer Satisfaction Analysis, we’ll help you get focused on the fantastic - the ideas that will deliver total innovation impact for your users by answering their real wants and needs. The net effect? A creative, collaborative process that will help shoot that arrow at the moon you’re aiming for.

Information Architecture Development

Maybe if we didn’t have one of the most radically creative and technical teams around, or if our approach didn’t respond with tenacity to the unexpected, we’d find this part as pesky as everyone else. But it’s a guilty pleasure - taking all the juicy bits and collaboratively creating flows of information that are both seamless and intuitive - meeting the needs of your audience and turning your feature list into an industry-defining digital disruptor.

Developing Look and Feel

When it comes to utility and delight, looks matter. Nailing it on look and feel means your app is great to look at, but never loses sight of functionality. Think of it as the ‘heart and mind’ of the matter, the place where brand and behaviour meet, and magic happens. To get it right, we’ll take a deep dive into your brand, exercising our creative clout to craft a user experience that turns drab to dazzling and allows for quick, consistent build.

High-fidelity Clickable Prototypes

We are only interested in one kind of innovation - makeable innovation. What you’re going to make, and how it gets made is where our prototyping pros come in. We’ll put the intuitive, the empathetic and the human elements at the heart of a real-world imagining of your solution, and deliver a high-functioning prototype so your stakeholders and users can get a real understanding and feel of things before we go to build.

Design Thinking & The Art Of Software Delivery

How can your business design software apps that delight customers? In the past several decades, there has been a plethora of new tools, techniques and approaches dedicated to answering this pivotal question. From "Agile" and "Lean" to "Design Thinking" and beyond, this meetup is a must-have if your business is truly focused on delighting customers and elevating software delivery to new heights.

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