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We are used to habitually checking our health data on our digital devices, so why would our energy usage be any different? We are passionate about bringing intelligent, intuitive, engaging, digital products to the energy sector.


Retail Energy

An engaged customer base that self-serve digitally has never been higher up the agenda for energy providers. As engagement, loyalty, cross-selling and upselling lies at the heart of any UK retail energy business. Customers want to know how to consume energy effectively and providers need to empower their consumers to win the battle for hearts and minds.


Energy networks

The changes facing energy networks also make it imperative for distributors and integrated utilities to connect with their customers to run flexibility programs and capture important data. The grid of the future will likely be nuanced and distributed, this requires intelligent digital solutions to create the glue that keeps the network together.


Electric vehicles

As electric vehicles become ubiquitous in our cities, towns and villages, the infrastructure that supports the shift to EVs has to mature to deal with increased demand and expectations from customers that their digital & physical experiences will be connected, integrated and valuable.


Renewable energy

The way that we generate energy for the grid is changing and continuing to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. From the scoping and installation of wind farms to the burying of cable networks, digital solutions have a huge role to play, especially when it comes to processing and analysing the data that helps make better, more sustainable decisions.


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