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Raising the digital temperature for the energy industry

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Sparking New Ideas for Energy

Disruptive digital technologies, particularly the Internet of Things (IoT), are turning the energy industry upside down. From sourcing to the end user, energy systems have never been so accessible, connected, intelligent and efficient – but this is just the start!

Digital Strategies for Energy

The words ‘to transform’ mean so much for this sector, but we focus on totally transforming how the business runs – from sourcing energy to re-imagining the supply chain that supports it, to ensuring the best possible end user experiences. Never before have so many interested parties been so connected and interested in the supply of energy. Regardless of platform or backend, our own ‘bright sparks’ have the knowledge and experience to transform your status quo – regardless of whether you’re just setting out with your first mobile app development or staring Industry 4.0 straight in the face.

ScottishPower - Your Energy App

Never before have we been so involved in our own energy consumption and management. As our houses become smarter so do our choices. The ‘Your Energy’ app from ScottishPower enables customers to remotely control their heating (water and heating), review and submit meter readings, manage energy usage, make payments and importantly review and change tariffs. There are so many more exciting plans to grow this ‘active participation’ even further and Waracle are proud to be a technology partner to ScottishPower.


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