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From our humble beginnings in 2008, Waracle have grown into one of the UK’s leading digital and mobile app development agencies. Our success isn’t down to luck – it’s been built upon the vision and skills of our people whose mission has always been to make a positive difference through digital.

Today, though the world looks very different than it did in 2008, we’re still driving award-winning digital difference, nurturing our talent so they can achieve great things, and continually championing the enterprise digital scene, both at home and further afield.

Why a Waracle Academy?

Created to help aspiring coders to learn coding skills needed to turn great ideas into extraordinary innovations. The Waracle Academy is offering courses designed to provide a gateway to gain the skills you’ll need to meet the growing demands of the digital enterprise.

Each course consists of hands-on practical learning, expert guidance and input from those that have built successful careers in coding, so that on completion, you’re armed with the skills and confidence to take you wherever you want to go.

So whether you dream of coding the next big breakthrough digital health app, or running your own team of future app innovators, we’ll make sure you’ve got the clout to deliver.

Anna Taylor | Waracle Digital Academy | Work Experience Summary

Waracle is virtually one hundred percent cloud-based in all aspects of its business operations meaning that with a fit and healthy workforce and the ability to work from home, the WDA have been well placed to offer online classes and remote work experience to 2 current university students so far this summer.

Anna Taylor describes her work experience with the Waracle Digital Academy and how she engaged with the wider team during lockdown. This involved working remotely and learning about different functions within the business, from HR and Project Management to Sales & Marketing.

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