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First impressions are important.

Designing and developing a great mobile app is only the start. Being successful is about ongoing analysis and optimisation based on product-market fit. In order to achieve this, you need to consider how to refine, tweak, test and optimise your app after it’s been launched.

The average mobile phone user downloads less than one app per month on average, so to get your customers on your most scalable channel and keep them there, needs time, money and initiative.

Our teams use the perfect blend of our wisdom & experience, mapped to your quant and qual data to make the changes that matter.

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Great onboarding starts before acquisition.

Telling a new customer that you have iOS and Android apps available in their respective stores via email after they've signed up, isn't good enough.

The friction felt by customers in giving up real estate on their mobile phone to your application is pronounced. You have a limited window to onboard a new user, so make it count.

When a user launches your app for the first time, the onboarding process will reinforce your app's value proposition and will create an immediate impression of what to expect from your brand. Good onboarding is at the intersection between product, marketing, communications and brand.... and we can help.

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Journey Refinement.

A successful mobile app is intuitive.

User journey and interaction design can be crucial in determining the success of your mobile app.

An unrefined experience can leave users feeling frustrated and lead to them calling it quits. Simple, intuitive journeys should orientate users and allow them to become familiar with the app and achieve their goal within it.

Our team of talented of researchers, analysts, UX and UI designers are here to help you optimise your mobile app, so that delivers on simplicity, interaction quality and engagement.

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Our app optimisation clients absolutely love us!

Find out more about how we engineer and refine sophisticated mobile applications and digital platforms, built for the sensor-rich, internet connected smartphones, that we carry around all day, everyday.

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