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Connected devices are powering our health.

Connected devices are diversifying at a rate. If you think smart watches, fitness and health trackers, smart glasses and smart clothing, just to name a few... then add on top of that the myriad of medical devices that are being designed and utilised across healthcare. It is a big, big sub-section of the tech conversation.

These devices and their companion software have been redefining our relationship to the world around us. Rewriting and reshaping the narrative on how we connect with our environment and our service providers, whilst reframing how we communicate and share our data and for what purpose.

Digital Health

Get closer to your patients.

Medical devices which can generate information and speak to companion software are becoming ever-present in the 21st-century healthcare system.

This can include devices that report respiratory data, check blood pressure, encourage movement or support blood glucose checks at a scheduled time. These data conveying devices are not only used by patients but also widely used by healthcare professionals.

There are prescription re-fill indicators, bandages capable of indicating wound healing progress and a myriad of other use-cases which are being explored to support nurses, practitioners, clinicians and other healthcare professionals.

By sending data or flagging systemic changes, the patient can make positive changes to their behaviours or the healthcare system can operationalise responses to a change in vital signs. All of which leads to better care and optimal outcomes, supported by technology.

Digital Health Watch

Connected data and leveraged learnings.

Connectivity has revolutionised the technological landscape by collecting data, communicating and leveraging the operation of everyday items. In 2022 and beyond, this will only continue as the proliferation of 5G networks in the Western world provides high-speed, high-fidelity connectivity.

We collaborate to create mobile, web and emerging tech products and services that make life better, through available connectivity. We have built and delivered Bluetooth-connected smart home workout machines and medical devices that have contributed to better health outcomes.

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