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A distributed ledger is a decentralised database that exists across multiple locations and among multiple participants. Most companies used a centralised database that lives in a fixed location... a single point of failure. Distributed ledger technology aims to reduce or eliminate the need for central authority to validate and authenticate. With DLT, the participants verify and provide a distributed, validated and auditable trail.

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Increase back office efficiency, promote automation, ensure transparency and save money. But most importantly guarantee security... decentralisation means no one weak point that is vulnerable and exploitable. The use cases are endless, we'd love to tell you more.

Explore blockchain's disruptive potential.

Blockchain refers to a particular type of distributed ledger technology that refers to "blocks" of transaction records being immutably added sequentially via cryptographic signatures. Blockchain and the broader DLT eco-system are similar but different. One absolutely needs proof of work, whilst the other doesn't have to.

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