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Comprehensive mobile security checks.

Modern mobile operating systems are defensibly more secure than their desktop counterparts, but without the right approach to security-first mobile app design & development, exploitable vulnerabilities can provide an opportunity to sophisticated cyber criminals focused on defrauding your organisation.

Our approach is to build in 'security by design'. We empower our technologists around our business-wide principles, the highest standards of practice and ensure that our multi-disciplinary teams are supported to stay abreast of changes in guidelines, best practices & regulation.

We take a client-specific approach to security that is born out of working in highly regulated industries, our expert teams are adept at isolating and analysing potential threats and prioritising industry-leading solutions.

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Compliance standards has standard.

Whether we are working in financial services or digital health, we understand the intricacies of working within these highly regulated industries. In short, we always ensure that we help our clients manage their design and development process in a compliant and auditable manner to minimise variation, automate processes, improve safety & quality, ensure information security and the highest standards of compliance with GDPR, ISO standards, Accessibility, Financial Promotions or any other compliance framework that our partners are governed by.

We have our own information security and data protection team that work full time on ensuring we hold ourselves to the mosts rigorous standards, alongside helping our clients ensure theirs.

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How we mitigate risk.

We have a long and storied track record of delivering highly complex software development programmes of work for our partners, but these business critical projects do come with their fair share of risk.

At Waracle, we ensure that we identify and document potential risks as early as possible and monitor them throughout a project or programme to understand tolerances and movements.

From scope to budget, operational outages to regulatory risk, with proactively identify and manage risk to put our enterprise partners' minds at rest.

Our clients absolutely love us!

Find out more about how we help our partners leverage the benefits of experience across security and compliance in relation to their digital products and platforms.

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