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To give our talented teams of technologists the best foundation for success, we approach research as a vital component of the planning and discovery process. Our competitor research sets out to learn more about how your competitors have prioritised their platforms, applications, feature sets, functionality and research budgets. By knowing where the competitive advantage lies, you can either grow it... or close it.


Innovation Labs.

Ideas are the currency of the digital age. Yet, in some large organisations, the time talented staff have to slow down, think and be creative is increasingly finite. By engaging with our agile, outcomes-focused innovation labs, we can collaborate to inject fresh outlooks, philosophies and solutions to your existing business challenges which will help insulate you from disruption.

Innovation Labs
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Product Definition.

Our strategic partners sometimes approach us with an idea that is nothing but a problem statement like 'our contact centre volumes are too high'. When this happens, we have to employ a quite different set of talented individuals and disciplines, as we need to establish a software solution for a greenfield environment. We can establish the spec for an MVP through collaboration that can justify value and investment.

Product Definition
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Platform & Product Strategy.

Horizon scanning & future-proofing the digital applications, products and platforms, which hundreds of thousands of customers rely on is challenging. Engaging a third party as a fresh set of experienced eyes to collaborate on your product strategy can be incredibly beneficial. We bring our experience from other industries, other clients, other ways of working and leverage all of that experience for you & your organisation.

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We're a bit guilty of hiding our light under a bushel... however, our clients really love us. Find out more about the consulting relationship that we have with our field-leading financial services and digital health clients.

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