Onboarding and Optimisation

Driving digital distinction after launch

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keep your app ahead of competition

Forget what you’ve heard. When it comes to mobile, it’s really not the taking part that counts – it’s the winning. That’s why our mobile app development expertise doesn’t stop after launch. We make it our mission to keep your app at the forefront, and ahead of the competition. How? By digging deep, unearthing real, value-add insights and using them to ensure you continue to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Your app’s future – and the longevity of your digital innovation – depends on it.

Good enough isn't good enough

Gone are the days when the, ‘If we build, they will come’, approach seemed to work well when it came to launching a new app. But the digital terrain has changed, and nearly one in four users abandoning a new app after using it just once. Bottom line? Good enough just isn’t good enough any more. So from onboarding to optimising, and analytics to behaviour, an incredible app experience means nailing it by putting users at the centre of everything you do, not just before launch but way into the future. We’re here to help that happen.

Onboarding & Optimisation Deliverables


Onboarding optimisation

Onboarding optimisation drives frequent users. From the get-go, if users don’t understand the value of your app and how to use it, the odds of it lying dormant on their home screen are drastically increased. We’ll work closely with you to make your app onboarding experience the very best it can be.

Analytics Management

We’ll dive deep into your app data to unearth the gold that’ll keep you top of the pops - establishing whether or not you’re meeting the goals you set at the start, measuring up to critical KPIs, or finding out exactly where we need to do a bit of polishing (think introducing new functionality, enhancing existing features, or saying goodbye to ones that just don’t deliver). In short, we’ll make sure you’re on track and smashing it out of the park.

App Store Optimisation

How to get found in a sea of over two million mobile apps shouting for attention in the big app stores? We’re big on app optimisation because we love seeing results as much as you do - meaning we’ll work with you to make sure your app is always performing as good as it can. From our ASO Assessment to app store submissions, ranking reports to user stats, we’ll make sure you’ve got the data - and recommendations - that matter.

User Acquisition Optimisation

If you don’t have a robust user acquisition game-plan, then you’re running the risk of your app becoming just another flash in the proverbial pan - if that. Remember, nothing happens by accident, especially ‘brilliant’. From clarity around the channels your users frequent, to the devices they use, where they’re coming from, to where they could be coming from, we’re all over it when it comes to helping you identify the very best user acquisition strategy - meaning you get to reduce marketing costs and bring in better quality users. Only then can brilliant happen.

RFM Optimisation

No, not Reach For the Moon - but hey, why not? Creating, implementing and evaluating the right recency, frequency and monetary (the real RFM) model for your mobile app is critical. Knowing your audience will show you how engaged they are with your app, how often they use it, when they last had a fix, and how much they’re spending (if relevant). To help you, we’ll immerse ourselves in your app user data, and give you our recommendations for enhancing their experience.

Behaviour Flow Optimisation

No matter the app, no matter the audience, the approach is always the same. Understanding your users' paths through your app - from discovery to download - means you can adapt as necessary and make it better. We’ll audit your app, create a visual representation of the paths users are taking - from source point, to features used, to where they exit - so you can see what’s working, what’s not, and be armed with the right insights that point to tangible next steps.

Goal Optimisation

We want to see you meeting your goals so you can be sure all the hard work was worth it and you can continue to deliver digital distinction long after your app has shipped. To make this happen, we’ll assess and define your goals with you, setting them up, tracking them, and then turning them into in-depth, actionable insights that’ll have you optimising on your conversion rate in no time.

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