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Design Research.

Research that maps to customer motivation.

It is common to hear businesses say 'we're data-driven. But you know what's even better than being data-driven? Being context and nuance driven. Our design research function fuels our product, UX and UI designs with the kind of insights that isolate the perfect feature set, functionality & integration developments that map onto a first-class user experience.

Where others design from their own experience, we design for the end-user with business outcomes firmly in our focus. Our rigorous research methodology unveils the needs, wants and motivations of your customers to design for success. With a mix of qualitative and quantitative research, our team can design with insight and context baked in.

Young people designing products
Interface Design.

UX that makes the ordinary, outstanding.

Mapping customer or employee value to the feature set, aesthetic, information architecture and functionality prioritisation ensures we are designing solutions for business problems. Whether it is to reduce operational strain, streamline communications, cross-sell or provide service. Our teams design for utility, accessibility, value generation and experience.

We design and develop beautiful interfaces starting with mobile, that scale out to tablet and web, that ensure they get the job done and generate the right data to test, learn and iterate.

User Experience & Usability.

A design practice that continuously improves.

As a business, you assessed the need, planned the solution, developed the digital application and shipped it to your customers. But it isn't performing in the way you expected.

Whether users aren’t using key functionality, are unaware of new features or are just leaving the application downloaded but dormant, we can help. Our design practice is capable of establishing key design requirements by looking at both qualitative and quantitative data, and planning both for business success and iterative development. We know product design, like everything else, is like painting the Forth Rail Bridge (a never-ending task!).

UX/UI Product Design

But, don't just take our word for it.

Find out more about the innovative mobile applications we design and deliver with our innovative clients across financial services and digital health.

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