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A lot of companies have more applications than they want or need. Many of these are legacy applications are outdated, which creates problems when it comes to updates, integrations and even security, not to mention the cost of maintenance.

Having an app consolidation strategy is vital. It lets you streamline your resources and bring multiple applications into a cohesive, easily accessible, modern IT environment, whilst at the same time eliminating the complexities involved with managing a myriad of disparate, unrelated proof-of-concepts that made it to the app store.

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Build for the future.

Why consolidate? Well let's face it, the consumer shouldn't have to be presented with 10 or more options when looking for your brand's mobile application, should they?

App consolidation allows you to streamline your resources and remove any redundancies, making things less complex, more efficient and easy to manage - all of this ultimately means that you get reduced costs as a business, and you create a smoother user experience for your customers. This is why many companies with overloaded application portfolios have been turning to app consolidation.

Most app's in the app store are feature sets, not applications in their own right.

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Assessing utility and focus.

The most successful application consolidation and retirement projects the following steps:

1. Discovering and assessing data
2. Categorising data for retention and disposal
3. Cleansing operational data and managing data quality
4. Transforming data and delivering it to new applications
5. Managing and optimising feature set migration

Waracle can help you streamline this process.

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