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Voice & conversational tech is here, and it's here to stay.

Consider these data points... Over 55% of homes will own a voice device by 2024 and smart speakers are among the top-selling consumer electronic products with global sales set to surpass $30 billion in the next three years.

Fundamentally, voice is a technology not in search of a use case. It's an opportunity waiting to be explored. For every new generation, voice apps will make life faster and easier, and their use will become ambient, ever-present... reducing the friction for the consumer and we all know what happens when tech reduces friction, it booms.

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Conversational builds in finance and healthcare

Voice is already the primary interface in healthcare... from scientists discussing findings to a GP speaking to a patient. The beauty of vocal interactions is that they convey a lot more information than text or image. It has a rich sub-strata of metadata that can be utilised by leveraging our smartphones or smart speakers. By utilising natural language processing algorithms, cloud computing and machine learning, voice interfaces can underpin digital healthcare solutions for years to come.

In financial services, the application of conversational tech will predominantly be deployed to reduce the cost to serve. The previous models of branch networks, contact centres and personal advisors has impacted profitability. Voice applications are another step in scalable, cheap customer touchpoints that are underpinned by data-processing which can increase customer contact through-put... and increase consistency of outcome.

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Your business case, our expertise.

Waracle develop smart conversational voice applications, which allow patients and customers to live more fulfilling lives.

We have access to a deep talent pool of voice experts (from research to design, development to refinement) well versed in helping enterprise health and finance organisations find the best and most valuable use cases for voice tech.

Our experts will work with you to craft a business case, set of use cases, test hypotheses and deliver MVPs, which showcase the value of this nascent technology for your board or executive committee to see.

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Find out more about how we engineer and refine sophisticated voice & conversational applications, built for sensor-rich, internet-connected smartphones and the ever-present, sideboard-mounted smart speakers.

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