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Make the mundane, magical with IOT.

Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to drive lasting, positive change across various diverse areas such as health, communities, the environment, energy, education, and transport – and that’s just the beginning.

Transmitting data via the internet has given a voice to mundane everyday objects, at home, at work and out in the field. Most digital leaders today, whatever their industry, expect their IoT projects to be delivering results rather than just generating headlines... and they are. A staggering 87% of enterprises, according to Forrester, are already reporting significant returns through their adoption of IoT.

We design immersive systems to capture, protect and safely store data.


Leveraging the sensor-rich devices around us.

Our mobiles are the most personal of devices. They are the device that we entrust our digital lives to. They are full of sensors, modes of connectivity and have the ability to generate a lot of data... that can support meaningful insights, transform operations and build 21st-century security standards.

Estimates show that 90% of data currently produced via the IoT is not analysed, interpreted or utilised in any way. This means that valuable data isn’t actually used to make meaningful business decisions a lot of the time - and this is where some real business opportunities lie within the IoT.

Beyond leveraging the power of connected devices, how you use the data and insight to make informed, intelligent decisions is crucial to boosting value and productivity. As these technologies become more accessible, the increased level of connectivity will have drastic impacts on the way that we do business and communicate.

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Connected data and leveraged learnings.

Data capture, storage and use are fundamental to modern enterprise operations. We understand the rigorous data governance needed to ensure that the connected data that can power innovative digital solutions meets the highest vertical-specific industry standards.

By utilising these streams of abundant, secure data from IoT-powered smart sensors, networks and applications, smart systems are already able to control our traffic, electricity, water flows, the lights on our streets, our waste collections and our safety, to name just a few.

The potential for the smart homes and smart cities that are driven by the IoT is huge – better transport networks, reduced environmental impacts, safer communities and new development opportunities are just a few of the ways in which the IoT can transform the way that we live.

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Find out more about how we engineer and refine sophisticated IOT applications, built for the sensor-rich, inter-connected smartphones and the smart offices, homes and cities we live in.

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