Augmented reality is already part of our day-to-day.

Across fintech, digital health and energy, augmented reality is transforming the digital enterprise landscape. Whether we develop for mobile or for a heads up display, this emerging technology is quickly moving away from the Snapchat filter and Pokemon Go hype... to industrial & enterprise XR.

Extended Reality

In industry and at home, extended reality is powering the previously impossible.

When XR powered mobile applications are at their best, the people using it just see the transformative use-case and don’t even realise what technology is powering the experience. At Waracle, we are starting to see the XR focus shift from brand, product and sales to one of training, service and operations.

ARkit & ARcore are leveraging billions of mobile devices.

We work with our enterprise clients to develop applications for Apple ARkit and Google ARCore. From use case discovery to feasibility, prototyping to object rendering we do it all, so get in touch today to find out more about our industry-leading expertise.

Women holding augmented or extended reality headset out in front of her.
"We see mobile, wearable and IoT as crucial to our ability to offer great service to our customers and are excited about the opportunities the Waracle partnership brings."

Scottish Power  

UK Digital Director

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Smart tech for home workouts.

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Innovative pension platforms.

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Credit card mgmt platform.

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