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Blending digital with the physical.

Augmented reality is an immersive technology where we experience the 'virtual' alongside the real.

With XR set to be worth $300bn dollars by 2024, it’s probably time your organisation started thinking about how to operationalise the technology's latent potential.

In our augmented reality engagements, we have excelled in helping our clients unlock a considerable novel competitive advantage which has had a sizeable effect on the brand, positioning and crucially, their customer experience.

Lady wearing augmented reality headset. Hololens.

Health and finance can benefit from AR Glasses to AR apps

In digital health, AR is transforming not only diagnosis and treatment but learning and development. Imagine a surgeon before surgery being able to study their patient’s exact anatomy by linking their MRI or CT scans to an AR application, then using that same data to train the next generation, by providing a virtual experience of a complex scenario to medical students.

In financial services, a myriad of use cases are emerging for AR apps. From real-world, real-time currency conversion in shops, to real-time stock trading from your desk. Across retail banking, investments and business banking, AR applications are being developed to support staff, customers and intermediaries with a toolkit that supports better customer outcomes and increases product & service understanding.

augmented reality application showing blue chair in empty room
ARkit - ARCore.

Smartphone powered mobile experiences.

We work with our enterprise clients to develop applications for Apple ARkit and Google ARCore. From use case discovery to feasibility studies, prototyping to object rendering, we do it all.

From theory and vision to true innovation, our apps use AR and Optical Character Recognition software to develop innovative and trend-setting solutions, which customers readily adopted to improve the speed and efficiency of their financial interactions.

Young team member experiencing a virtual reality application on their mobile phone

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Find out more about how we engineer and refine sophisticated AR mobile applications, built for the sensor-rich, internet connected smartphones, that we carry around all day, everyday.

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