AR and VR are now just extended reality.

Extended reality-powered mobile applications are at their best when the people using them just see the transformative use-case and don’t realise what technology is powering the experience. We have had the privilege of working on a range of enterprise XR projects, where the focus of the application has shifted from brand and product to training, production and operations.


  • ARKit
  • ARCore

AI and ML are making sense of your data at scale.

From the automotive industry to financial services, healthcare to energy, the application of machine learning is driving everything from fraudulent payments identification to the diagnosis of illnesses. The ability to take large scale data and train it with scalable models is creating value, reducing cost and reducing risk.


  • Data strategy
  • Applied intelligence
  • Predictive analytics
  • Machine learning

Voice applications are growing and morphing.

It is one thing to have Alexa find you a recipe or read you the football results, but as we become ever more comfortable with Voice applications on our devices, we will expect to be able to engage with our bank, healthcare provider, energy company and more. Voice is ready for exponential growth, are you primed to take advantage?


  • Amazon Echo - Alexa
  • Google Home - Google Assistant
  • Apple HomePod - Siri

Internet enabled devices are just getting started.

Transmitting data via the internet has given a voice to mundane everyday objects. At home, at work and out in the field. We design immersive systems to capture, protect and safely store data, which can be categorised, visualised and utilised to create scalable enterprise solutions.


  • Mobile sensors
  • Wearables
  • Smart home
  • Industrial IOT
  • Consumer IOT
  • Healthcare IOT

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