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Voice Apps.

As we become ever more comfortable with voice applications on our devices, we expect to be able to engage with the two largest components of our life... our health and our wealth. Voice apps are ready for exponential growth, the question is... are you primed to take advantage?

Voice applications
Google home and Amazon echo dot. Voice activated devices.

AR Apps.

We have had the privilege of working on a range of enterprise augmented reality projects where the focus of the application has shifted from brand and product, through to training, production and operations. The potential of augmented reality for digital health and financial services is undeniable. Find out why!

AR Applications
augmented reality application showing blue chair in empty room

IOT Apps.

Transmitting data via the internet has given a voice to mundane, banal everyday objects. At home, at work and out in the field, we design immersive systems to capture, protect and safely store data, which can be categorised, visualised and utilised to create scalable enterprise solutions.

IOT Applications
visualisation of machine learning and artificial intelligence. White data brain linked by white lines.

Connected Devices.

From heart rate monitors to respiratory monitors, static bikes to wearables... the connected device is becoming ever more ubiquitous in modern life. We have seen firsthand some of the transformative use cases of connected devices in digital health, why not leverage our experience to benefit your patients or customers.

Connected Devices

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