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Continuous Delivery

IT operations.

DevOps and your change agenda.

Whether you are focusing on work planning, version control, code reviews, daily builds, testing or automated deployments, Waracle can help you create the DevOps culture for iteration and continuous improvement.

Our teams can support any organisation in their progression towards a seamless and integrated development and IT operations function.

We intimately understand the inter-reliance between product, design, software engineering, development and IT operations.... and have worked with many nationwide financial services and healthcare companies to instill the beliefs, working practices and culture that create high-functioning inter-disciplinary agile teams.

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Help where you need it most.

We want to help our client's organisations build, test and deploy with a continuous improvement discipline that works with any language, platform and cloud provider.

Our teams are focused on isolating the reasons why your existing workflows don't or cannot support CI/CD in the way your business wants them to... and through mapping the right consultancy services and individuals, we can drive change in your delivery workflows from repos to testing, planning to deployment.

We want to make DevOps work for your organisation.

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A change of mindset, not a change of process.

Here at Waracle, we understand that changing systems is easier than changing people's mind.

Ultimately, a successful move to a DevOps mentality is one that allows for the constant enhancement of a company's value stream, which is as much about culture, mindset and how you work... more-so than what you do.

Any digital transformation program, in financial services or healthcare, will generally rely upon the success of a range of change initiatives that address ways of working, processes and employee empowerment, to create a digital business environment that is capable of supporting change and adaptation.

You might think you need an engineer, but what you might need is a business consultant.

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Find out more about how we help our partners leverage the benefits of cloud infrastructure through their digital products and platforms, built for the sensor-rich, internet connected smartphones that we carry everywhere.

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