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Integrate disparate data sources.

Data is the lifeblood of both finance and healthcare, so whether you are a financial services organisation originating loans and underwriting insurance policies, or if you are a digital health operation merging genomic profiles or gathering clinical data, you understand the value of integrating related datasets. At Waracle, we collaborate with our clients to create data environments that support data quality, enrichment, merging and operational use.

business data integrations

Create value & mitigate risk.

In financial services customer journeys, it is difficult to ensure both the optimal customer outcomes and manage business risk. Data quality, fidelity, interoperability and integrations allows lenders and banks the opportunity to focus everything from eligibility calculators and soft searches (to mitigate black marks on customer credit reports), through to hard searches, KYC, AML & financial crime checks. All contributing to business benefit and customer value.

data integrations

Leveraging modern data tooling to create value.

APIs have, over the last 5 years, really become an engine for business growth. As the gateway of connective protocols for data ecosystems across technologies and organisations. APIs are being utilised to operationalise data and develop partnerships alongside opening the pathway for digital innovation and business growth.

Alongside APIs, another principal tool of modern software development is the SDK, these frameworks or groups of code libraries, which allows discipline specific software to be developed in a standardised and faster way.

Data centre for robotic process automation

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Find out more about how we help our partners leverage the benefits of data integration via API across their digital products and platforms, built for the sensor-rich, internet connected smartphones that we carry around all day everyday.

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