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Computing power for an agile world.

Cloud computing allows developers to concentrate on product and business goals, with layers of security, regulation and compliance overlaid by the major cloud vendors and mass adoption of their technology.

However, as the public cloud vendors continuously iterate - offering faster, broader and (in some cases) confusing new options - businesses can be vulnerable to unexpected costs, blocked development and analysis paralysis. When done well, cloud computing empowers developers to innovate and iterate continuously, safe in the knowledge that the products they build will run and scale effortlessly.

Waracle can help with the planning, setup, observability and financial implications of best cloud practice and can ensure that our clients use the efficiency gains to empower their product development.

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Cloud consultancy and solutions architecture.

Waracle’s mission is to deliver successful commercial outcomes at an enterprise scale. Based on years of experience operating across some of the world’s most highly regulated industry sectors, we have developed some serious expertise when it comes to cloud consulting and vertical-specific solutions architecture.

Whether you need support across requirements gathering, systems design, delivery planning, data infrastructure or analytics, Waracle offers a comprehensive set of cloud consultancy services that support change initiatives focused on aligning technology with processes and people.

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The right cloud vendors for you.

Our teams work with all Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and all other cloud vendors to unlock the benefits of cloud computing.

We develop automated systems to construct cloud solutions, whether abstracted from vendor-specific implementation with tools such as Terraform or particular client needs such as AWS CloudFormation, in the knowledge that clients need to understand and often implement the solutions we design.

Our engineers always support the most appropriate, current best practice for each project we encounter - if a particular cloud vendor or stack is more suitable for a task, we will transparently outline the reasons and benefits attached.

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Find out more about how we help our partners leverage the benefits of cloud infrastructure through their digital products and platforms, built for the sensor-rich, internet-connected smartphones that we carry everywhere.

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