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Agile isn’t an add-on, a ‘why not?,’ or, ‘I guess we should’. At Waracle, Agile is our compass, and it can be yours too – defining success, aligning teams across continents, and arming everyone with a shared vocabulary to create the remarkable. Agile is the starting point for success, because the quicker you make the jump from ideas and theories, to the place where we can build and learn from, the quicker you can get to the place that looks and feels like ‘success’ – innovating fast, seeing results even faster, and reaping the rewards of that competitive advantage.

Champion Transformation

It’s no coincidence that we’ve been helping clients successfully implement Agile at the very heart of their digital journey, helping them cut costs, manage manpower, and accelerate time to market. By its very nature, Agile with Waracle means you’ll be moving fast off the starting block – with flexibility and stealth. Instilling Agile values across projects and teams means the ability to rapidly evaluate and automate processes, creating cross-team symbiosis and ensuring milestones are met, whether you’re on the traditional or progressive side of the business fence. It’s in our DNA, and it could be in yours too.

Agile Deliverables


Flexible team resourcing

For some time, we’ve been giving companies just like you the tools and teams to successfully charter digital transformation - underpinned by robust processes that have Agile at the very heart of them. Our experience in running projects mean that wherever you are, however you need it - remotely, on your site or on ours - we’ll boost your own skills and resources by providing the very best team to accompany you on your digital journey.The payoff? Tangible change and real business outcomes at the heart of your lean, mean digital machine.

Team sizing

Leveraging our Agile approach, it goes without saying that flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to team collaboration. Need to quickly scale up? Down? Sideways? We’re ready. And it’s this readiness to recruit, retain and place great talent super-fast that’s done us (and our collaborators) good, enabling us to build the largest, most successful mobile and digital development capability in the UK.

Agile training

We understood a long time ago that our true value wasn’t just in helping our clients deliver an outstanding digital experience, but also in providing them with the skills, strategies and tools to advance their digital transformation - minus the chaos. During our projects, discovery will lead naturally to creation, at which point we’ll deliver a working solution for stakeholders every two weeks. The bottom line? We’re fast, and ensuring the whole team are ready for such a rapid delivery cycle means everyone needs to come along for the ride. We provide agile training if you need it - invaluable, lifelong, transferable skills that cover the basics of Agile values, cycles and ceremonies, and target key skills such as scrum team management, story refinement, automated testing and CI/CD delivery.

Digital innovation

Waracle was founded in an attempt to answer the ‘why digital?’ question, and years later we're still demonstrating the answer - businesses and lives change for the better when creativity, technology, and renegade thinkers come together to solve problems. To play our part, we've created a company that’s built on true talent - talent that dreams digital, that has a vision of a better world and who really do believe that technology should be used as a force for good. When we say we’re sharing our very best people, we mean it. Everyone that works here breathes digital - from running regular Waracle hackathons, to working on extracurricular digital projects ‘for the fun of it’, from Meetups that foster collaboration, to show-and-tells of the weird stuff we work on out of the studio. We don’t let up - and it shows. We love what we do, and that love rubs off on everyone we collaborate with. Will you be next?

Digital investments

Waracle has made several key investments in emerging technologies. This started with the creation of a Mobile Application Performance Management platform, and subsequent spin out of Kumulos. We have also invested in Wallet.Services, a blockchain company, and Mozenix, an AR/VR company. By keeping an eye on emerging technologies and investing in key adjacencies has enabled our clients to access specialised technologies that we feel are going to be vital in the future and are already relevant to mobile platforms.

Agile governance planning

Embodying principles, behaviours, and techniques that deliver benefits more far-reaching than the project itself, using an Agile approach mitigates risk rather than amplifying it. Agile Governance sees our A-Team working rapidly - and more importantly, flexibly - continually reviewing and using data to plan and prioritise activities, and providing you with complete project visibility at every stage. The payoff? Total control, minimised risk and a successful, timely project completion. In short? It’ll probably be the smoothest, most successful project you’ll ever work on.

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