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Waracle research, design and engineer intelligent mobile health apps for everyone from start-ups to scale-ups, mid-market to multi-national healthcare organisations.
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Waracle provide managed design and development teams that are dedicated to aiding healthcare professionals, patients, physicians, and founders. We specialise in crafting intelligent health apps that intuitively blend sensor-driven capabilities, top-tier security, immersive AI-driven experiences, and effortless usability.

Leverage Waracle’s experience and credibility to help you create the next-generation of consumer and B2B health apps.

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Intelligent Mobile UX & UI Design

When designing Health apps Waracle always start with objectives of the patient or healthcare professionals needs at the front of mind.

Waracle believe that all mobile apps should be intuitive and user-friendly, with an easy-to-navigate interface. Design should be minimalistic and uncomplicated, reducing unnecessary clutter and distraction. Colours, contrasts, and typography should be carefully considered to ensure legibility and accessibility. Visual and interaction design should be tailored for each platform, taking into account the size of the device and the user’s context. The ability to accomplish user goals quickly and easily is the primary focus of great user-focused design work.


Intelligent Mobile Development

Over the years we’ve learnt a lot about ‘what good looks like’ when it comes to developing compelling mobile health  applications.

Waracle’s approach to mobile development involves thinking deeply about security, fidelity and customer outcomes. First, Waracle create a clear vision of the app’s commercial purpose, who it is intended for, and how it will be used. Then, we work in collaboration with you to determine the features & functionality that maximise user interaction and to prioritise them in order of importance. Waracle then create wireframes and prototypes to test out different layouts and navigation flows to maximise the return on your mobile investment.

Intelligent Mobile Optimisation

There’s more to mobile than just great design and development. At Waracle, we understand that crafting beautiful, commercially fulfilling mobile apps is a marathon, not a sprint.

This means we need to be relentlessly focused on the data and understanding your key measures of success. We do this by constantly analysing the performance of your mobile app after launch and once it’s in the hands of your users. We work with you to understand the data points that matter and adapt your mobile offering constantly over time to do more of the things that work for your users and less of the things that don’t. This is why we’re trusted by blue-chip enterprise clients across the world.

What our partners have to say
"Waracle's mobile expertise is second to none, they have helped us create apps that create auditable digital biomarkers that help us understand the treatment path for critically ill patients."Head of Digital Therapeutics
UK Pharmaceutical Client

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