Gen AI accelerator: transform your existing digital experiences

Don’t get left behind: 80% of firms compete on customer experience, our accelerator will benchmark and elevate your existing experiences quickly, safely and seamlessly with the power of Gen AI.

Exceptional customer experiences are the only sustainable competitive advantage. Generative AI is driving a new paradigm in adaptive and personalised experiences. From our research and experience, we know that:

  • 80% of firms see CX as the primary competitive battleground
  • The future of digital experiences will be  hyper-personalised and adaptive
  • Our benchmarking assessment can help you find out where you stand

Our team are waiting to hear from you. We have a focused and well-tested three-step process to move your organisation from inertia to proof of value.

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AI Opportunity Analysis

Our team of experts will research your industry, and your competitors, then review your apps and associated digital products to pinpoint key areas for Gen AI enhancement to focus on for our Lab Day workshops, which will be tailored to your key stakeholders’ needs.

AI Intelligence Lab Day

An intensive, interactive day with both your team and our consultants to explore and prioritise intelligent digital experience opportunities to better serve, excite and delight your customers. The lab day will focus on how we turn these opportunities into a reality.

Gen AI Accelerator Report

We will subsequently combine our analysis, the outputs from the intelligence lab day discoveries and wider industry knowledge to create a report that details your highest-value opportunities with early solutions and delivery strategies. Then we can start to look at the potential for a proof-of-concept.

What our partners have to say
"Waracle really helped me focus our exploratory initiatives focused on Gen AI & LLMs in relation to our existing customer apps. Their expertise and advice has been invaluable."Head of Digital Channels
UK Financial Services Client

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