Capital Markets

Rise of the retail investor and focus on experience and efficiency

The capital markets are reshaping as digital technology allows new markets to be opened up to retail investors, traditional value chains become disrupted, digital asset classes mature and Web 3 technologies promise to revolutionise business operations and technology solutions. All of this is set against a background of challenging market conditions and a need to transform ways of working and optimise costs to remain competitive.

As trading moves to web and mobile channels and new classes of retail investor emerge, the need to provide competitive digital experience whilst maintaining the highest standards of compliance and security have never been greater. Firms are impeded by legacy technology and processes, but technologies like Web 3 promise a new paradigm of operational efficiency.

Waracle are experts in designing and delivering compelling digital experience that seamlessly integrate into the workflows of retail and institutional clients, along with helping clients transform for the digital age. We work across the industry with a range of participants including investment banks, asset managers, brokers, trading exchanges and fintech.

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Innovative, Personalised Experiences

The rise of retail investors has seen a demand for mobile-first experiences, and a need to compete in this arena through delivering engaging, interactive and gamified experiences that are data-driven and personalised. At the same time, institutional clients are demanding workflow digitisation, end-to-end integration and automation, value-added services and new product development.

Waracle work with participants across the capital markets to develop market-leading digital products across web, mobile and APIs. We help develop a deeper understanding of customers through data and analytics and use this to drive personalisation of product and services.

We have helped our clients to get to market first with innovative digital propositions, develop new markets for digital assets, identify and acquire high lifetime value clients and improve engagement and loyalty.

Disrupting ROI - Doing More with Less

In competitive markets with fee pressures, the ability to reduce cost per trade alongside increasing speed and reducing cost of change represents a competitive advantage. This is a challenge for established players with legacy platforms and outdated ways of working, but new and emerging digital technology represents a major opportunity to automate and streamline operations.

Waracle bring a data and design-thinking-led approach to operational rationalisation, helping clients understand where automation will both improve customer responsiveness and reduce cost. We also help to modernise legacy technology, achieve cloud transformation and uplift delivery practices.

We have helped our clients to reduce delivery cycles from months to days, reduce cost per trade through operations modernisation, and to build internal capability for a sustainable future.

Robust, Compliant & Secure

Capital markets participants face an evolving regulatory landscape as wholesale market reforms continue and regulators focus on areas such as financial and operational resiliency, data security, digital assets, ESG and cloud concentration risk.

Waracle operate in heavily regulated industries and bring a strong understanding of both regulatory mandates and how these translate into the control framework that participants operate within. We apply security and compliance by design and bring expertise in the latest digital and data security technology.

We have helped our clients build regulatory-compliant trading and investment solutions and highly secure customer data platforms.

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"Waracle work in an agile way and we knew they’d be quicker than we are. They were very patient and flexible enough to ensure that we weren’t spending too much, too far ahead of time."Head of Digital
Royal London

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