Disrupting ROI - Achieving More with Less

The right practices, processes and tech can ensure that teams develop and deliver software faster.

To remain competitive, firms must tune and focus their software development capabilities on growth-focused digital products while optimising costs and building the internal capabilities needed for the future. In short, the challenge is to achieve more with less.

Waracle have designed a workshop focused on exploring how businesses can deliver software faster with fewer outages and more innovation in customer experience while meeting compliance and regulation needs.

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The Opportunity

With modern approaches to product management, delivery and engineering, business value can be delivered more quickly and at a lower overall cost.

The Objective

Imbibe our insights and understand how organisations have been set up and refined to achieve more with less, leading to higher ROI and lower TCO.

The Workshop

Find out how your organisation stacks up to leading businesses, how we can help you achieve more with less and how to define actionable first steps towards improvement.

What our partners have to say
"Waracle work in an agile way and we knew they’d be quicker than we are. They were very patient and flexible enough to ensure that we weren’t spending too much, too far ahead of time."Royal London logoHead of Digital
Royal London

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