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For the first time, machines can learn & interpret language, data & code, apply context and be generative in a way that was assumed to be impossible just a matter of years ago. This has alerted business leaders to the significance of aligning themselves with the prevailing winds as AI becomes the only technology trend that matters in 2023.

A recent study by Accenture found that, across all industries, 40% of all working hours could be impacted by LLMs like GPT-4. Putting this into simpler terms, in the Western knowledge economy, language tasks account for 62% of the total time employees work, and 65% of that time can be transformed into more productive activity through augmentation and automation.

Our Executive Breakfast Briefing series offers an in-person, closed-door opportunity to ask Waracle’s top experts about how GenAI will shape your business and your customer’s experiences.

Our approach team will utilise techniques from systems thinking, design thinking and innovation management to offer our expert opinion on where the value might be for your organisation.

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A focus on business value

Realise potential opportunities to automate repetitive knowledge work, be proactive with customer contact and create new intelligent business models. Focusing on high-impact activities.

An emphasis on business context

Focus on your pressing business challenges, your differentiators and your path to value. Each vertical and business will see different threats and opportunities from GenAI. Context is everything.

An eye on friction, risk & security

Identify opportunities that can move fast whilst analysing the potential threat of intellectual property and private  information leaking into the public domain. Plan to be secure by design.


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