Arctech Innovation × Waracle

Developing a coherent data model using gas sensor technology

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The Opportunity

Identifying and decoding odour signatures to create cutting-edge diagnostic tools

Arctech Innovation is the first company spin-out from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Co-founded by Professor James Logan and Professor Mary Cameron, Arctech Innovation has a proprietary platform capable of identifying and decoding odour signatures that are associated either with a specific infection or an insect. Once the odour signature has been detected, the appropriate diagnostics can be developed.

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The Solution

Leveraging machine learning to develop a scalable MVP

Arctech Innovation partnered with Waracle to create a data model taking sensor output through a custom machine learning model, giving a confidence level on the presence of bed bug odours which can then be actioned if necessary. The modelling can be re-run at any time, allowing for ongoing refinement and improvement of the platform.

The primary goal for the initial engagement was to develop an MVP that enabled Arctech Innovation to take their device to market in the shortest possible timescale. The initial focus was bed bug detection with scope to add additional use cases at a later date.

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The Impact

Waracle worked with Arctech to develop a data modelling process that can be used on low-cost, low-power devices that can then be discreetly placed in remote locations for detection purposes. Based on the initial hardware specification, Waracle recommended hardware, all necessary software and device drivers, and the data modelling process itself suitable for further testing. Waracle also supplied a prototype test device using the necessary chipset and bug trap container, with software on board to collect sensor data.

This allows Arctech to test its sensor modelling in the real world with a commercial application and gives the company a faster, innovative route to market than was possible before.

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""Waracle were ideal partners. Flexible, capable and thorough""

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