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International Women’s Day 2021 – Waracle Women In Tech

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Posted 08 March 2021

We recently caught up with some of our fantastic women to find out more about their career paths and the challenges they have faced along the way……

What unique challenges have you faced in your career as a woman? How did you overcome them? 

Riddhi – Automation Tester:

In the past, before I joined Waracle, I was underestimated for my leadership qualities.  Sometimes, when there was a need to work extra hours or late nights my team used to think I was their responsibility, and I would not be able to manage it alone and there should be someone (Man) to keep watch. It was presumed that I would not be able to work as hard as a male colleague can. The best way I felt to overcome these challenges was to give my best shot, always, in everything I do, and make my work speak for itself. 

Claudia – Head of Recruitment: 

Balancing having children and working has always had challenges.  Whether that is being pregnant whilst working, returning to work after maternity leave, coming back to work whilst breastfeeding, or balancing childcare and work.  Especially during the pandemic more so with children being at home so ensuring their needs are met educationally and emotionally. 

To overcome these challenges, it’s important to have a supportive employer who will allow the flexibility parents need, being organised with your time, and ensuring you also have time to yourself, without all these things it can make the job quite tough or impossible. 

Michelle – Marketing Manager: 

Early in my career, I faced challenges when it came to having my female voice heard and opinion valued but it was a case of standing up for myself and perseverance.

There are still issues in the tech sector around it being male-dominated, currently, there are only 17%  of women in tech roles and 5% in leadership positions in the UK.  There has been some positive movement in recent years however with more females moving into the sector and young women being encouraged to take up a career in technology through women in STEM programmes. We have a great mix at Waracle with strong females in leadership positions which really helps with the dynamic of the business and the feeling of equality.

How have you managed to balance your career and personal life?

Riddhi – Automation Tester:

The situation has changed a lot for working women nowadays and I have my lovely husband who helps me in everything I do. The feeling of equality is above everything.

Khristine – QA:

As a single parent, the hardest part is trying to give my daughter the attention she needs whilst also focusing on the work at hand. So to achieve this, I ensure I finish my workday promptly and shower her with attention. 

Claudia – Head of Recruitment: 

Finding an employer who is supportive has been massively important to my career as a woman. Children have appointments, they get sick, and have school plays and sports days. Being able to work with your employer to be able to work remotely, have time off where needed and understand the need for balance is ultimately what will produce a happy mum, child, and employee.

Michelle – Marketing Manager:

I think it’s a case of knowing when to switch off or in my case when my dogs start barking at me to play at the end of the working day.  It’s important to work hard and have goals but it’s equally important to have downtime otherwise you end up burning yourself out and you become less productive.  Lockdown really has made me realise what’s important and making sure that I prioritise my work life as much as I do my personal life. 

Which mentors or role models have positively impacted you in your career?

Riddhi – Automation Tester:

There are so many women around who manage work, family, kids, and everything around them. Today, there are women pioneers in every sector of our society like Technology, Medical, Education, Films etc. These all are my role models, everyday I learn something new and they make me feel stronger and self-sufficient at every step of my life. #ProudWomen

Michelle – Marketing Manager:

A few of my female managers, they gave me the guidance and confidence to lead and be heard which has not always easy when working in large organisations with so many different teams. I’ve also had some inspiring male managers who have been very supportive of women and treated me as an equal so it’s important to call them out too.

The biggest thing for me is supporting other women. I mentored two talented, female apprentices a few years ago which was extremely rewarding to be able to watch them grow, share my knowledge and empower them to be confident in pursuing their careers in tech.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Teresa – Project Manager:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness, it will only help you get better and learn more. If you want something, you need to ask for it! No one expects you to have all the answers.

Riddhi – Automation Tester:

When someone tells you you can’t, tell yourself you can. Believe in yourself and everything will fall in place for you.

Michelle – Marketing Manager:

Know your self-worth (don’t let imposter syndrome take over), be confident, and never give up, perseverance is key.

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