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Waracle enables retail banks to stay ahead of the competition by designing and developing engaging digital products and omni-channel experiences that attract new customers whilst building trust and loyalty.

Our expert design and technology teams help banks to rapidly innovate and scale personalised customer experiences by leveraging customer data to deliver focused and contextualised services and offerings.

Digital technologies are at the forefront of the change agenda in retail banking. And it is in these digital products and platforms that the competitive lines are drawn.We have been at the forefront of technology-driven customer interaction innovation in banking for over 14 years covering branch, phone, online and mobile. We now help our clients understand how next-generation mobile, AI, voice and AR/VR will disrupt the industry.

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Refined digital delivery

With decades of combined experience operating within the financial services sector, Waracle’s team of experts can help to accelerate your digital delivery.

We help organisations think about their digital delivery as ‘products not projects’ and orient themselves to uncover value through iteration, which in turn accelerates the proof-of-value by attracting, retaining and maximising your customer value.

As your digital partner, Waracle can assist in providing expert teams for programmes of work, innovation squads for exploratory spikes and thee individuals & ways of working to scale practices like CI/CD, DevOps & SRE.

Whatever your challenges are, we’re experts in the field and can quickly identify challenging areas requiring attention and resolve issues to unshackle your digital delivery.

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Proactive digital strategies

Digital strategies in many retail banks are under intense scrutiny right now. Due to the macro-economic outlook and the impact of a perfect storm of price inflation, increased interest rates and reduction in consumer spending power.

Digital initiatives that do not deliver on the business outcomes that they promised are being demoted from the priority list and in some instances defunded.

But difficult economic conditions are a time for building and a time for innovating your way out of the recession. Waracle’s experience as a strategic partner to an array of UK banks allows us to provide a unique perspective to your digital strategy and provide context to proposed investment plans.

Leverage our experience, to plan for success.

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Security and privacy

Retail banks need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to ensuring data security and privacy. The rapid development of digital technology can make this a challenge, but Waracle’s suite of services have been carefully crafted to enable retail banking clients to adopt the latest development practices and the most innovative technology to ensure customer data is secure and private.

Our teams provide advice on the best security measures and processes for protecting customer data, and then create a tailored plan to implement the technologies necessary for their success.

Waracle has an extensive track record in helping retail banking clients develop crucial security protocols and processes, setting up appropriate authentication systems, and protecting customer data from potential attack vectors across architecture, access and agents.

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