Waracle invest in Augmented Reality startup Mozenix

Waracle are pleased to announce our investment in Dundee based augmented reality (AR) startup Mozenix.  Learn more about the investment in The Herald interview with Kevin Scott.

Investment in Mozenix and AR

The investment in Mozenix and AR represents an ongoing strategy at Waracle to keep close to all emerging technologies, grow employee skill sets and as a result be in a position to rapidly offer innovative digital solutions for customers.

AR technology is already being deployed across a number of industry sectors including retail, construction and oil and gas. AR overlays digital information and 3D models on top of the real-world environment via smartphone, tablet or HUD (heads up display).

With Waracle’s expertise in mobile and IoT, AR technology offers exciting growth potential. It’s estimated that by the end of 2018, developers and brands will have access to over one billion existing iOS and Android devices, via the ARKit and ARCore mobile AR development platforms.

With this investment CEO and founder of Mozenix, Michael Romilly says,

“The investment and support we’ll get from Waracle and Exception is going to be invaluable as we grow our company and AR offering. Many Scottish startups struggle to grow with demand. We’ve already begun working with the Waracle and Exception teams and their experience is helping us drive results.

Chris Martin, CEO of Waracle concurs,

The whole company is excited to be working with Mozenix to help deliver mobile AR apps. We’re already seeing significant demand for mobile AR applications from existing customers across multiple industry sectors.

Learn more about the investment in The Herald interview with Kevin Scott. If you would like to learn more about other trends affecting mobile app development, download one of our free whitepapers on mobile trends and mobile marketing.

About Mozeniz

Mozenix was incorporated in 2017 and are currently working with a number of high profile companies to develop mobile AR apps, including Aberdeen based Return To Scene (R2S), developing mobile AR apps that help to solve complex process efficiency challenges within the oil and gas sector.

About Waracle

Waracle, part of the Exception Group, are one of the UK’s leading mobile app development companies and Scotland’s digital products specialist.

Since 2008 Waracle have engaged with large UK and international organisations to plan and execute their digital product strategies. Waracle now have offices in Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London with a rapidly growing team of industry leading UX designers, scrum-masters, iOS, Android and Hybrid developers, IoT, Voice, QA and App Store Optimisation experts. In addition to the investment in Mozenix, Waracle also have investment in Kumulos (Mobile App Performance Software) and Wallet.Services (Blockchain).

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