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Voice and Amazon Alexa

Voice technology isn’t new but it’s now really beginning to take a key role in everyday life.  Becoming mainstream changes so many things about how we’ll use voice in the home, at work, while on the move and also in the care of others.

At Waracle, we can clearly see the positive impact voice will have on the evolution of mobile app development and the digital transformation of business.  As well as having a keen interest we’ve created many skills covering everything from office productivity, using energy usage to help carers, use the technology to complement education curriculums and even traffic management.

As an official Amazon Alexa development agency Waracle have hosted a number of meetups for the community. Alexa has become a key feature of the Waracle office and we’ve shared quite a few of our thoughts on the topic of voice in blogs including Who is leading the digital voice revolution and Alexa are you listening to me?

Getting started with voice

There has never been a better time to get started on a voice project.  Waracle have hands-on experience on how to design, develop, test and launch voice applications and we also have the backing of Amazon experts to help us through any development questions.

Contact us or read about some of our voice technology work.

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