Oil & Gas

Refining digital for oil and gas

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Oil & Gas

Unseen but used everyday. The UK Oil and Gas industry affects all of our lives daily, heating homes, powering industry and transporting us, and our goods, from A to B. Supporting the thousands of individuals and suppliers is no easy task and digital transformation represents a massive opportunity to streamline and improve process, efficiency – removing time wasting paper trails, reducing handover errors and keeping a closer eye on safety.

Digital Strategies for Oil & Gas

There’s no debate this is a no-nonsense sector with international standards for procedures, equipment usage and repair understandably strict. Waracle’s experience with this industry and other highly regulated industries has shown time and again that digital products, including emerging tech like IoT and AR, have a key role to play in improving service and task maintenance while improving traceability and transparency. We thrive on combining our love of applying technology to complex problems and this arena is the ultimate challenge!

Ruggedised Mobile AR App

The locations, exposure and nature of the tasks add layer upon layer of complexity and expense to offshore oil and gas exploration. Add in the constant flow of actions required to keep the rig assets up to date and it’s clear that service and maintenance is no small task. Digitalisation has a huge role to play – and even though a relative new kid on the block AR is already making a difference. Working with our partner, Mozenix, AR is already being deployed on offshore rigs to quickly and accurately identify the right asset (when there are quite literally thousands to choose from), complete tasks and update the asset register.


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