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Out with the old, in with the new - pensions transformed by Waracle

We all know how important saving for our pension is, but the fact is the majority of us manage our savings, pensions and future financial lives sporadically. The good news? The changes that we’ve seen across banking, powered by the Fintech revolution, are now impacting the way we engage with our pensions. Driving a significant and exciting challenge to the industry, mobile and emerging technologies are transforming the old ways – and we’ve got a lot of tricks in our digital backpack to help you put the fun back into pensions.

Reimagining the pensions landscape ...

Even at its most basic level, the ability to access a pension balance on a smartphone, to create retirement ‘what if’ projections, and set up regular or one-off payment contributions, all present significant customer value – and drive the ever more complex customer demands that every industry can’t fail to hear . And as digital transformation moves from functional, mobile responsive websites, through to fully configurable mobile apps, the next wave of technologies such as Voice, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality, all offer the savvy enterprise unlimited opportunities. So how will you proceed?

... and reshaping the customer experience

Gamification has quite a role to play here – making pensions interesting, fun and engaging to the customer, wherever they’re at in their pensions journey. What’s more, it’s this approach to pensions innovations that’s so critical to driving the recency, frequency and monetisation (RFM) of pension planning and management. So from Digital Discovery through creation and build, our considerable knowledge about the pressures and challenges facing pension providers and supporting radical digital transformation goals is where we can meet. If you’re planning on bringing your pensions vision to the future, whether it’s through Voice, AR, AI or the mobile app, let’s get the conversation started.

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