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Refining digital for oil and gas

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Total industry transformation

Unseen, but powering our lives every minute of every day, the UK Oil and Gas industry drives enterprise, transports us from A to B, heats our homes and offices, and makes a huge contribution to the economy. Supporting the many thousands of individuals and suppliers at the beating heart of this machine is a mammoth task – but with emerging technologies representing a massive opportunity to lay down the foundations for radical digital transformation, there’s never been a better moment to reimagine your enterprise future.

Powering growth through emerging technologies

Digital disrupters across Oil & Gas are busy using emerging technologies – think AI, VR , IoT, Voice, AR, IIoT – to power innovation and drive greater value across enterprise processes. The result? Tangible, lasting value that’s positively impacting revenues, creating new business models and shining a bright light on future growth.

Offshore oil and gas assets are expensive and complex structures. The systems and data sets underpinning these assets are dynamic, ever-changing and often need to be presented in real-time,. and making sense of this information can be a significant undertaking. We’re working with some of the biggest names in oil and gas to help make sense of big data to drive valuable insights, and inform meaningful commercial decision making.

Leveraging untapped value

Today, new technologies like AR are enabling oil and gas companies to leverage untapped value in previously unimagined ways. Waracle are currently working with some of the biggest names in the oil and gas industry to develop high performance, ruggedised mobile apps and digital products, harnessing the capabilities of new and emerging technologies to address complex challenges.

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