The Industrial Internet of Things

Putting Smart at the heart of enterprise

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IIoT - the fusion of technology and big ideas

It’s been described as the fourth industrial revolution. A bold statement but dig a little deeper and you can see why. A super-smart fusion of even smarter technologies – including robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain; Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G (to name just a few!) – the trick for enterprise is knowing how one vision can knit it all together smartly and seamlessly – and that’s where Waracle come in.

Enterprise innovation = digital transformation

The global industrial IoT market reached a value of US$ 113.4 Billion last year – impressive, given that this is a relatively ‘new’ kid on the block. Caterpillar, Airbus and Siemens are just a few of the big innovators that have been quick to join this revolution – and you can see why. IIoT is all about adding, gathering and understanding big data to improve the efficiency, safety and productivity of enterprise operations. So from asset tracking and monitoring, to the slick automation of manual processes and predictive maintenance, IIoT is making huge inroads to smarter, better, ways of doing business.

Powerful, tangible, far-reaching growth

Our ability to implement digital solutions that put emerging technologies at their very heart – AR; AI; Blockchain; VR; Voice and Mobile App Development (and more!) – means we’ve been busy collaborating and creating enterprise strategies that network and interlink every single step of how business is done. From connected beacons to intelligent sensors and beyond, we combine creative excellence with data-driven insight at every stage of your digital transformation journey. The results? Powerful, tangible, far-reaching growth that impacts everyone – customers, employees, the community and beyond. There’s never been a better time to get started on your IIoT vision – this revolution is on our street, and your name is on the invite.

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