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New modes of training and exercising.

Who would have ever thought that the front room would replace the gym? But it has. People have been converted by Zwift, Peloton and Apex Rides to a fitness regime that is connected, empowering but remote. Studies suggest that fewer people will be returning to the gym post-pandemic, that behavior change will create a movement.

Apex Rides

Better mental health, through disciplined behaviour.

Your mental well-being should always get, at the very least, the same amount of attention as your physical well-being. From remote therapy to meditation, life coaching to mindfulness, our digital devices can be a calm technology programmed to support positive change rather than the attention sapping monsters of social-media land.

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Information empowered conscious eating.

How to cook, how to eat healthily, how to manage cravings. It feels like the preserve of monks with iron willpower...but many people have acknowledged the benefits of digital devices in managing a healthy weight and engaging with food in a consistent, focused manner. We all need help, sometimes it has to be in person... but sometimes the answer is right there in your pocket.

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But don't just take our word for it.

Our digital health clients love us, whether we are building fitness, mental health or life companion apps. Find out more from the people we collaborate with.

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