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Smartphone penetration has reached a tipping point.

The fact that in the western world smartphones are now in over 80% of the population's bags and pockets means that mobile is more than a channel, it is the first port of call for all people. Mobile devices are empowering patients to take care of themselves and create new modes of communications with carers, practitioners, physicians and healthcare professional. The future of healthcare is mobile.

Mobile Product Design

Wearables are becoming ever more ubiquitous.

Whether it is access to step counters, heart rate monitors, blood glucose meters or any number of other data points that can be accrued by these on-body devices. The proliferation of wearable devices is creating a channel of real-time data between businesses and customers, carers and patients. Providing the kind of information that allows personalised and contextualised advice to be offered.

Emerging tech
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mHealth apps that help patients and professionals.

From chronic condition management to health analysis, mHealth apps are utilising gamification to encourage and motivate patients to engage with their smartphones to create novel data that empowers integrated analytics, predictive systems and optimal outcomes for the individual and the companies who serve them.

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