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Fusing the fourth industrial revolution - IIoT

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Smart Development Partners for Industry 4.0

It’s been described as the fourth industrial revolution. A huge statement but get under the covers and what’s not to love! A cool fusion of even cooler technologies including robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G wireless technologies and autonomous vehicles. Geek heaven! The trick is knowing how it all fits together. Waracle’s team have a long history at conceiving, designing, developing and launching market leading software products, this is our space and we totally love what it is achieving and where it’s heading.

Digital Strategies for Engineering

Automating engineering and manufacturing isn’t new, but our ability to implement digital products and strategies that network and interlink every single step of the process is now a reality. Waracle’s strong agile approach to development will see you achieve your results faster, delivering greater learning and continuous improvements. Connecting machines, devices, sensors and people will see you deliver faster response times, less downtime, greater productivity and safer working environments, to name just a few of the benefits. There has never been a better time to get started on your Industry 4.0 project.

Start really using big data

IIoT is all about adding, gathering and understanding big data to improve efficiency, safety and productivity of operations. Scale and longevity are two key aspects that separate IIoT from more consumer-centric IoT implementations. Where light-bulbs or Fitbits might be replaced every few years, IIoT by contrast is long term. Jet engines or large medical scanners and devices are expected to last and work non-stop, without fault, for up to 10 years. We’ve more than a passing interest in IIoT.

Industrial IoT Thoughts