Hybrid Mobile App Development

Perfect middle ground between HTML5 and Native apps

Developing a hybrid app

Hybrid mobile apps are a middle ground between HTML5 and Native apps. Developing a hybrid app means you can sell through the app store like a native app but still use the more affordable web based HTML5/Javascript mobile app development skills to get your idea to market quickly. Waracle mobile app developers are leaders in the field of app development and have been delivering hybrid, iOS and android app development projects to a large number of UK and international clients for many years. At the inception of a digital project Waracle take time to advise our clients on the best approach to take when making a mobile app. We try to make it as simple as possible to help you pick the right path on your journey.  We may ask you a number of questions to help you select the right approach and that may include hybrid mobile app development.

About Hybrid Mobile App Development

There are two sub-categories of Hybrid app – Web Hybrid and Pure Hybrid and our team of mobile app developers can advise on what’s best for your mobile app. Web Hybrid apps sit around an HTML5 website and are easy to target both iOS and Android. With a Pure Hybrid approach, Xamarin can be used to write in C#, NativeScript and React can be used to write in Javascript/HTML5. All this means is you get a native look and feel app. If you’d like to know what to pick for your mobile app development project, contact us today or read about some of our hybrid work!

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